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The Power of Research

1st Global is the largest independently owned wealth management partner for accounting and legal firms. 1st Global was established in 1992 with a core belief that CPAs and tax professionals are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive financial guidance to clients. Firms that affiliate with 1st Global deliver tax-optimized wealth management services to businesses and families. With a broad understanding of your tax situation, your business, your estate and your entire financial picture, these professionals are specially positioned to provide independent, objective wealth management advice. 1st Global partners directly with CPAs and financial advisors of high-quality CPA firms who are committed to excellence in providing holistic wealth management advice and services to their clients. Porte Brown Wealth Management is a 1st Global affiliate firm.

1st Global is driven by a belief in personal responsibility and having the discipline to always do the right thing. With a focus on leading academic research, proven best practices, comprehensive financial planning and informed consulting, we have the privilege to provide essential operations, research and support to over 400 CPA firms nationwide.

No organization can be an effective business consultant to other business partners and to individual clients without a commitment to intellectually rigorous primary research and educated selection of secondary research. 1st Global stands apart from other wealth management service providers as a dedicated research company, consistently publishing whitepapers and other scholarly pieces such as Sustainable Income Solutions™, CPAs and Wealth Management, Unified Portfolio Theory™ and much more.

1st Global’s research is supported and illuminated by some of the greatest minds of the last century. Among the members of 1st Global’s advisory board are Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D., recipient of the 1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his dissertation on Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, “Father of Supply-Side Economics” and inventor of the Laffer Curve, and Carl George, former Clifton Gunderson CEO and one of the “Top 10 Most Influential People in Accounting.”

As advisors and consultants to the 1st Global Investment and Executive Committees, these advisors help 1st Global formulate knowledge capital, create proprietary research on portfolio analysis, economics and CPA firm succession.

All of the research that 1st Global originates, and research written by our advisors, is shared with its CPA wealth management firms and, when appropriate, with its firms’ clients. This is another reason why 1st Global believes its affiliates — your trusted advisors — are some of the most informed and well-educated wealth managers in the country.

Dr. Harry M. Markowitz

Nobel Prize recipient for inventing Modern Portfolio Theory

Recipient of Von Neumann Prize in Operations Research Theory for his work in portfolio theory

Awarded “Man of the Century” by Pensions & Investments

Advisor to 1st Global’s Investment Management

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer

Father of Supply-Side Economics and Inventor of the Laffer Curve

Founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research firm that provides global investment-research services to financial institutions

Member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board and fiscal policy

Carl George

16 Year CEO of Clifton Gunderson,

$250 million CPA firm

Top 10 Most Influential People

        - in Accounting

        - by AccountingToday

Recognized as a leader for his work in financial literacy

Consultant and advisor to 1st Global and partner firms on growth, M&A and succession

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