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TRAVERSE 11 Update Build 18296 Is Now Available

Andrea White - Monday, November 26, 2018
A new update, Build 18296, is now available for TRAVERSE version 11. Please follow the instructions in your TRAVERSE version 11 Administrator's Guide to update your installation.

Read on to learn about the notable updates made to the features and functionality in this build. Visit TRAVERSE Build History for more information.

GL | Allocations

The Periodic Allocations functionality was originally released in TRAVERSE Standard and is now available in Global. You now have the ability to define and then periodically allocate amounts from a defined pool of source accounts to defined recipient accounts based on a number of allocation methods. See the online help for more information. Available in both Standard and Global Versions.

MP | Release Production Orders

Unit of Measure (UOM) and Est Start Date are now available in the Column Chooser to add to the Release Production Orders grid. Available in both Standard and Global Versions.

SM | User Defaults/Admin

The functionality initially released in the Global version will now be available in Standard. This includes system-defined defaults for additional applications and allows for setting defaults for Bank ID, Batch ID, Location ID, and more. Available in both Standard and Global Versions.

SO | Orders

Enhancements have been made to the 'Copy' functionality previously released (Build 18179) such as:
   • Checkbox for 'Use Header Location' which pulls the location from the header of the order
   • Checkbox for 'Item Summary' which highlights the last items sold without duplicating the same item ID
   • Streamlined data entry by allowing users to enter the Quantity without selecting the line
   • Column added for 'Last Qty Ordered' for increased visibility to assist in item selection
   • Validation so that if an item doesn’t exist in the header location, it will not be brought into that location
Available in Global Version Only.

SO| Transactions

TRAVERSE now includes a Customer Part Number (Alias) via the existing Item Customer Alias functionality within Inventory. This will provide users the ability to capture and/or enter a customer based Part Number (Alias) within the order entry systems as well as transaction and history inquiry features. The alias values can also be placed on customer facing documents using the Design Studio. Available in both Standard and Global Versions.

TRAVERSE Payment System (TPS)

Payment Service Integration for TRAVERSE® (TPS) manages the interaction with external payment providers, including the encryption/decryption of any values shared between them and TRAVERSE. The payment service supports both card present and hosted payment form. See the online help for more information. Available in both Standard and Global Versions.

Note: to ensure data privacy, any new TRAVERSE functions are delivered with no user access. You can use the Server Manager or the Administrative functions in the System Manager to grant permission to new functions for your users or groups.

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