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Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to visit to our new Consulting Services Blog. I am Andrea White, the Manager on Porte Brown's consulting services team.


The team and I would like to welcome you and look forward to sharing helpful information on the topics of managerial consulting, strategic consulting, and technology solutions, such as ERP Solutions, CRM, and custom software solutions.


Welcome to Our Consulting Services Blog!


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Consulting Services Blog

Intacct Projects: Starting on the Right Foot

Andrea White - Thursday, July 13, 2017

With Intacct Projects, all your time, expense, and project data (financial and non-financial) is tracked and visible in one place. Automate exactly the processes you need from tracking costs, time, and expenses to managing resources, billing, and revenue recognition. Intacct Projects will help you generate deep insights that will keep individual projects... Read More

Extensibility in ERP: When 3rd-Party Tools Are Your First Priority

- Monday, October 31, 2016
By Scott Martin, Marketing & Communications Specialist with Open Systems. *Note this was a republished article from OSAS.com.

Every industry has them: a tool or program that you and all of your competitors use, swear by, and rely upon to get the job done. It's the best-in-class tool that helps make your business successful. But what happens when you want to merge your best-in-class industry tools with a best-in-class ERP system? If you don't do your research, the clash could be enormous.

What We Mean When We Say "Compatible"
Compatibility between ERP software and your critical industry tools can be achieved by a variety of means.

Database Compatibility - If your tool or program communicates directly with a database, it is possible that your ERP solution could deal with the same database. A real-time exchange of information can take place with the right parameters or database tools.

Mapped Import/Export - Less seamless but still effective are import/export capabilities. However many times a day or week (or even month) is necessary, your tool can either export information to be fed into the ERP system, or vice-versa. The best ERP solutions contain data mapping capabilities to quickly produce and assimilate necessary information from third-party tools.

Total Integration - With a bit of programming and the right tools, an ERP system can communicate directly with your industry tool through a customization or a modified program. This requires that the ERP system has a framework that can support that kind of a customization, but the seamless functionality may be well worth the investment.

Your ERP Solution Should Be Flexible to Your Needs
With the ERP integration tools available today, “no” shouldn’t be an answer. If your company relies upon a piece of software or hardware, don't settle in your search for an ERP system. Find a best-in-class solution with the capabilities to work with your tools either through database compatibility, import/export schema, or total integration through customization.

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