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Estate & Trust Services

Planning for the future.

Daughter and fatherPlanning for retirement invariably comes down to making sure you save enough during your working years to build up a nest egg to use during your golden years. But what happens beyond retirement? Have you thought about your legacy and what you'll leave to your family and friends once you're gone?

Setting up an estate plan that honors your wishes and keeps your hard-earned assets within your family is one of the best ways to ensure your loved ones are in good hands once you’re gone. By not outlining your wishes with a comprehensive estate plan, you not only risk unnecessary gift and estate taxes, but you effectively forfeit the right to distribute your assets over to probate court.

Estate planning strategies can vary wildly from one individual to the next due to any number of financial factors, such as a person's business interests, investments, real property, or personal property. This is why it is a good idea to develop a plan according to your specific goals and outline how you want your assets distributed among your family. For this reason, Porte Brown provides a wide range of estate planning services, which includes the set up and implementation of various types of trusts, developing gifting strategies, mitigating your estate tax exposure, and easing the burden of asset distribution.

Porte Brown’s estate planning services also include:

Living Wills & Trusts

Trust Planning

Gift Tax Planning

Charitable Trusts

Residence Trusts

Grantor Trusts

Inheritance Tax Planning

Exit Planning

Probate-Avoidance Strategies

Asset Preservation

Generation Skipping Strategies

Gift & Estate Tax-Related Compliance


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