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Fraud & Forensic Accounting Investigations

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Businessman with magnifying glass looking at a documentDiscovery or suspecting employee theft is one of the most devastating things a business owner can experience. Besides financial loss, the emotional toll of being betrayed can be just as difficult. Porte Brown conducts confidential and thorough fraud detection and forensic accounting investigations. These investigations conclude with an expert witness report suitable for law enforcement or civil damage lawsuits.

Porte Brown also has significant experience working with attorneys in matters regarding shareholder disputes and family law issues. These matters may involve the hiding of assets, misappropriating corporate assets or dissipating marital funds. Our job is to get answers, communicate our findings with your attorney, and be prepared to testify to the facts we uncover.

Porte Brown also performs fraud risk assessments. Our highly trained team, including Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), will review your business operations and spotlight the areas where you are at risk. Once these areas are identified, we then recommend appropriate safeguards. The goal is to create systems that minimize employee opportunity.

Forensic Accounting Services for Chicago & the Surrounding Communities

Services Include:

Employee Theft Schemes

Hidden Assets

Misappropriation of Assets

Dissipation of Marital Funds

Shareholder Disputes

Family Law

Expert Witness Testimony

Fraud Risk Assessments

Investigative Accounting

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination


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Certified Fraud Examiner

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