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Human Resources Services

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Maintaining a full-time human resources department can be a burden. Whether your business is too small to afford a full-time HR professional or you're too busy with your day-to-day operations, outsourcing your human resources can be a huge benefit for your company, its growth, and the bottom line.

Rather than trying to tackle everything on your own, why not go with a firm that is highly knowledgeable and effective when it comes to human resources? Our HR professionals can help take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on your normal job responsibilities. There's not enough time in the day to also have to recruit new staff, deal with employee on-boarding and staff retention, manage payroll, train new and current staff, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, or establish compensation and benefit packages.

Porte Brown's human resources team can help ensure your organization is running at its best and operating both efficiently and effectively. Our HR team is made up of experts who have several decades of experience in the industry. Whether you need assistance with performance management and employee retention, recruiting, compliance, or compensation and benefits, Porte Brown has your back.

Your company's employees are one of your most valuable assets, so it's vital you have a team of true human resources professionals to take the lead and ensure your staff members are serving the best interests of your business. Take a look at the many HR services we provide and see how we can help you achieve your business's goals.

Performance Management & Employee Retention

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An organization is only as good as its people and to ensure the best performance from your team, our HR professionals will provide guidance and advice on how to create beneficial relationships as well as a positive atmosphere to enable your employees to work to the best of their abilities. Porte Brown has many areas of expertise related to performance management and employee retention, including:
• Organizational Development
• Annual Reviews
• Goal Setting
• Performance Monitoring and Improvement
• Talent Management
• Recognition/Incentive Programs
• Engagement Surveys
• Development and Education


Business Discussion

At Porte Brown, we understand the importance of finding the most qualified candidates that best fit your organization’s goals as well as values. With recruitment becoming an ever-evolving field, we have customized an in-depth internal process to help facilitate your organization’s staffing needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer below:
• Job Analysis/Modeling
• Job Description Development
• Interview Question Development
• Pre-Employment Screening
• Employee Search Support
• On-boarding


HR Audit

With numerous laws and regulations governing employment relationships, our HR experts stay up-to-date on complex federal, state, and local employment laws in order for your organization to maintain success and compliance in today’s legal environment. Every organization faces its own challenges and with the help of our HR professionals, we can help guide your organization to avoid costly fines, penalties, and potential harm to your image. Our services include:
• HR Audit
• Handbook/Policy Review and Development
• I-9 Audit, File Audit, and Document Retention
• FMLA and Employee Leave

Compensation & Benefits

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It takes a lot of time to manage multiple human resources structures, so our HR experts have created multiple programs regarding compensation and benefits in order for you to retain valued employees as well as attract top talent (while saving time). Below are some of our compensation and benefit services that will help your organization achieve success:
• Salary Analysis
• Pay Structures
• Compensation Strategies
• Benefit Analysis
• Additional Benefit Programs
• Wellness Programs
• Development and Education Reimbursement

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