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Discipline, Capability and Process to Create a Lasting Plan for Honoring Promises

Investment Cycle InfographicWe know that life is filled with many stages and major events, both expected and unpredictable. We believe that creating a well-defined financial plan around those investment goals important to you will allow you to better enjoy the journey, no matter what comes your way.

Investment Management Solutions (IMS) is a personalized investment platform created by 1st Global, a premier partner to professional CPA wealth management firms. Through IMS, you have access to multiple programs supported by well-defined investment beliefs, intellectual rigor, research and asset allocation models developed by 1st Global’s Investment Management Research Group and its accomplished strategic advisors. IMS incorporates four main steps to help you discover your long-term investment goals and keep you on track to meet them.

Step 1: Develop Your Investor Profile

IMS is a disciplined approach to investing, designed with you in mind. It’s a personalized portfolio built around your financial goals, time horizon and tolerance for volatility. The program begins with your financial advisor leading an in-depth discussion on your financial needs, wants, dreams and worries to develop your investor profile that will help ensure your assets are allocated appropriately. IMS delivers a customized investment policy statement that outlines your plan and commemorates your defined objectives, actions and responsibilities.1

Step 2: Identify an Asset Allocation Model

Once your profile has been defined and your risk tolerance has been determined, you and your financial advisor can select which asset allocation model best fits your investor profile.2

Pie Charts

Laptop with financial chartsThrough IMS• You and your advisor can create your own customized portfolio.• You have the flexibility to choose between passive, managed or blended strategies.• You have the ability to hold mutual funds, exchange traded funds and individual securities based on the platform you select.• You can choose from 55 different portfolios managed by 1st Global.• Your account will experience systematic rebalancing.• You pay a quarterly investment fee based on your account value. You and your advisor can focus on objective fund choices with transparent fees.Step 3: Implement Your Personal Program

Once your model has been chosen, you and your financial advisor can determine which IMS program is right for you. IMS offers various programs with varying levels of flexibility and functionality, all with the discipline, capability and process necessary to help you reach your investment goals.

Step 4: Monitor Your Progress

After implementation, your personal investment management solution is monitored, rebalanced and adjusted as your life and goals change. You and your financial advisor can work together to determine when your personal investment program needs to be adjusted and discuss the status of your portfolio. Quarterly performance reports are available for you to review your investments with your financial advisor during regularly scheduled reviews.

Our Promise to You

The goal of IMS is simple: to ethically serve you better and more completely, helping you honor the important promises you’ve made to yourself and to your loved ones. With investment flexibility and options, IMS is the solution that allows you to be in control. Whether you are focused on accumulating wealth or preserving it, the IMS platform has a solution for you.

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Investing in fixed-income securities involves credit and interest rate risk. When interest rates rise, bond prices generally fall.

The equity securities of small companies may not be traded as often as equity securities of large companies, so they may be difficult or impossible to sell.

International investing presents certain risks not associated with investing solely in the United States, such as currency, custodial, political and transparency risk.

Investing in emerging markets involves greater risk than investing in more established markets due to exchange rate changes, political and economic upheaval, and low market liquidity.

Investing in commodities may involve greater volatility and is not suitable for all investors.

Investing in a non-diversified fund that concentrates holdings into fewer securities or industries involves greater risk than investing in a more diversified fund. Neither asset allocation nor diversification assures a profit or protects against a loss in declining markets.

No investment strategy can guarantee success. It is possible to lose some or all of your investment.

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