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Sage Intacct Q2 2018: Update 5/22/18

Intacct LogoSage Intacct does four major releases a year to roll out updates, as well as other minor maintenance updates on a perpetual basis to handle bug fixes, and other changes. These are automatic, everyone gets them and no action is needed to receive the new features and enhancements. The second release for 2018 went into production the evening of May 18th.

These updates have two primary focuses: increasing your business efficiency through automation, and driving performance and growth through insight.

With this release Sage Intacct has made some improvements that we at Porte Brown wanted to share with you to keep you informed. Here is a summary of the highlights:

  • Expanded Audit Trail – Over the last several releases the audit trail functionality has been expanded to provide more information. This functionality has been taken one step further with the new availability of the Advanced Audit Trail. This new functionality is available to all companies but is most important to those that are concerned with tracking access to personal data. Compliance with storage and retention of personal data as related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has also be addressed. These changes are a giant step forward for HIPAA compliance as well.
  • Action Interface – The Action User Interface has been in beta for many quarters now and continues in this release. During the beta release, Sage Intacct has asked for feedback directly from all users. Sage Intacct has listened to what you all have had to say and have made changes to better serve you. The application menus have been enhanced to be more intuitive and help deliver all of the items you want at your fingertips. More specific information on the Action UI and these changes can be found in the help documentation. If you have not yet enabled the Beta UI it is encouraged that you give it a try and provide your own feedback.
  • Other Enhancements – There are also some other minor but still important enhancements being released:
  • AP Payment Enhancements – If you have different Pay-to Contacts for the same vendor in the past you have not had an easy way to generate a check to go to the appropriate address. Payment requests can now be grouped more easily by the Pay-to Contact you select on the bill. Additionally if you create a payment request and forgot a bill you no longer have to cut a separate check or cancel the first request in order to proceed. You simply need to create a new payment request and when you submit you will be given the option to merge with the existing request.
  • Global Consolidations – Do you do business in other countries or plan to expand in the future globally? The new global consolidations version has been added to the Action UI with a new better view and other great enhancements.
  • Draft Invoices from Projects – If you subscribe to projects and need your project managers to be able to create an invoice, they can now create an invoice and save it as a draft that can then be approved by a business user and posted in the system.
  • NFP Financial Board Book – Are you a nonprofit company and want to see all of your most important information at your fingertips? Sage Intacct has teamed up with GuideStar to offer a new dashboard solution with all the key metrics related to your financial performance that you need most.
  • Additional Changes After R2 – If you have subscribed to Inventory or plan to in the future there are additional enhancements coming soon. If you have a user that needs to complete limited tasks related to inventory control such as placing orders or transferring inventory which cannot currently be done by an employee user a new Warehouse User type will soon be added in order to provide this functionality at an appropriate price point. Landed cost will also be coming soon in order to assist in assuring that the item cost is better reflected in the inventory valuation.

These are just a few of the enhancements that came with the most recent release. We encourage you to review the release notes and videos. Please contact us with any questions and to see if we can help you improve your Sage Intacct user experience.

You can access the release notes under Sage Intacct Product Updates and Recent Product News on your Home screen after logging into Sage Intacct or from the Help Center under the Help menu.

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