The IRS Wants Its Money Back - Stimulus Checks Made to Deceased Taxpayers Must Be Returned

Stimulus Checks Made to Deceased Taxpayers Must Be Returned

The IRS announced May 6, 2020 that stimulus checks issued to deceased individuals should be returned if the person died before they received their stimulus check. If the money is not returned, the IRS may send a notice at a later date, once their system is updated for all pre-stimulus dates of death.

See the FAQ 10 & 41 on the IRS web page:

Q10. Does some who died qualify for the Payment?

No. A Payment made to someone who died before receipt of the Payment should be returned to the IRS by following the instructions about repayments. Return the entire Payment unless the Payment was made to joint filers and one spouse had not died before receipt of the Payment, in which case, you only need to return the portion of the Payment made on account of the decedent. This amount will be $1,200 unless adjusted gross income exceeded $150,000.

The IRS has posted instructions on how to return the payment with the answers provided:

Q41. What should I do to return an Economic Impact Payment (EIP)?

Families of Recently Deceased Taxpayers Should Pay Attention - The IRS is Still Issuing Stimulus Payments

The IRS is still processing the Economic Impact Payments. Most direct deposits have been issued, but the IRS expects it to take months to process all the paper checks that need to be sent out.

Pay attention to bank account statements and mail if you have a recently deceased family member.

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