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Tax Services

We understand taxes.

Porte Brown’s Certified Public Accountants monitor developments in tax laws and changes in policy to provide businesses and individuals accurate and timely support related to federal, state, local and international tax matters. Our CPAs assist with tax issues, such as:

Tax credits and deductions?

1040, pencil, and a calculatorAre you or your business taking full advantage of government sponsored tax programs? For example:

1031 Exchanges: Clients selling property used in their trade, business or as an investment can defer payment of taxes on the gain with careful planning.

Research and Development Credits: Most businesses invest in product or process improvements; companies can recapture a percentage of those dollars and reinvest them back into the business.

Cost Segregation Studies: Cost segregation studies are one of the most valuable tax strategies available for commercial real estate owners. Cost segregation can increase cash flow through tax accelerated depreciation of construction costs or purchase price.

Energy Efficient Building Tax Credits: Companies that renovate and install energy efficient materials may be eligible for a per square foot deduction and faster write-offs.


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