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Porte Brown’s Governmental Compliance Practice Group represents companies and individuals before the Internal Revenue Service, Illinois Department of Revenue, Department of Employment Security and other state revenue departments. Porte Brown provides both businesses and individuals IRS audit help and/or state audit assistance as well as audit representation.

How we do it.

If a client receives a letter for an audit by a federal or state agency, Porte Brown’s team represents the client throughout the entire process. We help the client gather the information and documentation, review the given information for completeness, meet with the agency representative in our office and provide the client with progress reports. As an added value for our clients, William Sebastiano, a partner at Porte Brown, is an Enrolled Agent and is eligible to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Our capabilities include:

  • Representation for Governmental Agency Tax Audits
  • Sales and Use Tax Compliance and Consulting

Porte Brown has been assisting clients with their compliance and audit representation needs for decades. When it comes to providing audit representation and audit help, Porte Brown is one of the best in the business. The best possible outcome of an Internal Revenue Service Audit is a "no change letter." We are proud of our track record in compliance audit representation. 80% of the audits Porte Brown is involved in are resolved through "no change letters."  

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