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Seasonal Planning

Porte Brown Wealth Management offers and integrated, tax-centric approach to wealth management to help you achieve your financial goals. We work with you to preserve and grow your wealth by providing a high level of service and support throughout the planning process.

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Investment Management Only

Most Appropriate for Clients Who

  • Want investment advice, such as product selection & asset allocation

Client Service Offering (annual)

  • 1-2 scheduled review meetings (in person or virtual)
  • Additional financial advisor engagement as necessary

What You Can Expect

  • Annual review of performance
  • Analysis of investment portfolio
  • Review of recommendations, including risk tolerance, financial goals & investment mix
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Financial Plan Only

Most Appropriate for Clients Who

  • Want a current picture of their financial status associated with their important goals
  • Want recommendations of solutions to accomplish specific goals

Client Service Offering (annual)

  • Scheduled meetings during the financial plan creation process only

What You Can Expect

  • Creation of initial financial plan with recommendations to achieve your goals
seasonal planning

Seasonal Model Only

Most Appropriate for Clients Who

  • Want an ongoing, fee-based relationship that aligns their financial goals & values with their financial plan
  • Wish to take an active, collaborative role in the financial planning process to achieve a successful result

Client Service Offering (annual)

  • 4 scheduled meetings (in person or virtual)
  • Ongoing review of goals & personalized financial plan

What You Can Expect

  • Annual update of financial plan
Seasonal Planning Overview:

Goal TrackingReview financial goals & progress


Asset Allocation – Review & update risk tolerance and investment mix


Family Security & Cash FlowReview cash flow, spending, insurance coverage, estate planning & employer benefits

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Tax PlanningReview tax strategies, implications & options to manage tax liabilities

    Tax-Smart Solutions

    Whether you’re planning an addition to the family or embarking on anew adventure like starting your own business, we can help you protect what you have and accumulate wealth more effectively with tax-smart strategies for every phase of life.

    Life’s full of surprises — sometimes good, sometimes challenging. We can help you navigate change and plan for whatever life brings your way.

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    Providing Financial Peace of Mind for Goal Oriented Clients™

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