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Not-for-profit organizations, ranging from professional and trade associations 501(c)6 to charitable organizations 501(c)3, arts and educational organizations and foundations, are facing some of the most dramatic changes in IRS tax reporting requirements on Form 990 – Return for Organizations Exempt From Income Tax. Unlike traditional accounting for businesses, accounting for not-for-profit entities is highly specialized and requires a strong knowledge of non profit reporting, exemptions, and budgeting, which is why it's so important to find an expert who understands the intricacies of not for profit accounting. Porte Brown has been assisting non profit organizations with their audit and accounting needs for decades and has built a reputation as the go-to non profit accounting firm for Chicago and the surrounding communities.

Porte Brown provides our clients interactive checklists, mailing reminders, and opportunities for webinars to make sure that our 120+ not-for-profit clients have all policies and standards in place to comply with the new IRS governance and transparency regulations.

Along with its not-for-profit audit and non profit accounting expertise, our experienced team of CPAs hold leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations, giving our accountants unique insights and real experience managing successful not-for-profits. Many of our clients look to us for counsel on more than just audit and accounting issues. For example, Porte Brown helps not-for-profit clients strengthen their operations. We assist clients in selecting the right software and hardware, developing budgets and attaining the most effective processes and infrastructures.

The Porte Brown team of not for profit accounting specialists continues to serve as featured speakers for major events, such as the Chicago Arts and Business Council’s On Board Program as well as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Conference.

Proud to serve:

  • Charitable Organizations 501(c)3
  • Professional & Trade Organizations 501(c)6
  • Educational Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Social Welfare or Advocacy Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Labor Organizations
  • Business Leagues
  • Social & Recreational Clubs

Services include:

Industry involvement:

Porte Brown and our employees are active members of the community, industry organizations, and professional accounting associations. We are members of a number of Chambers of Commerce and industry organizations spanning the multiple practice areas in which we operate. Our involvement with the following organizations provide a forum for sharing ideas and resources in order to provide benefits to our clients in a consistently superior manner:

Commitment to Quality and Continuing Education for Our Team and Yours

Our commitment to quality cannot be underestimated. When the Quality Review program was being implemented in Illinois, we sat on the Quality Review Executive Committee until the program was up and running for the duration of the Committee. We monitor our system of quality control continuously throughout the year and subject our audit and accounting policies and procedures to an independent outside review (referred to as a peer review) every three years as required by our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Porte Brown LLC’s system of quality control is based on the AICPA’s quality control standards.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is committed to helping its members achieve the highest standards in performing quality audits. To help CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality audits for clients in this complex area, the AICPA offers firm-based voluntary membership centers for firms that perform audits. Porte Brown LLC is a dedicated member of the following audit quality centers:

We are very proud to demonstrate our commitment to quality and integrity. Our last Peer Review was performed by KerberRose SC, Certified Public Accountants. Here's a copy of our most recent Peer Review Report.

We have firm representation on seven different ICPAS committees and regularly participate in educational opportunities, both local and national. As part of our firm’s associations with these organizations, we receive a wide range of support that includes education, training, contacts, and resources to help us better service our clients and improve their competitiveness in individual marketplaces. Our focus is on being a recipient of the best education possible and then turning it around and providing the best education possible to our clients.

Nonprofit Spotlight

Best Practices for Utilizing Corporate Credit Cards

Credits cards

A corporate credit card can be a useful tool to aid organizations in cash management. A corporate credit card is most often utilized for two types of situations (although there may be others); frequent online purchasing or for individuals with frequent reimbursements. In ether situation there are best practices for the security of the organizations assets.

The name on the card matters: Even corporate credit cards for an organization will be associated with one person. As such only the person whose name is on the credit card should be using the card. It is important to ensure that not everyone in the organization has access to the credit card information which could result in misappropriation of funds. This might mean that an organization has more than one corporate card. Regardless the individuals who receive a corporate card should be limited to appropriate personnel. Policies should identify which employees are eligible for a corporate credit card. Read More

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