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Elevate365: Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services

We'll build a customized accounting package for your business based upon current needs and anticipated growth. We can do all of the work for you, or simply assist your in-house staff. Porte Brown prices its Bookkeeping, Accounting and CFO / Controller Services based upon the number of transactions as well as the complexity of the month-end close including number of balance sheet accounts to be reconciled and the complexity of the reporting package. Outsource your accounting needs to Porte Brown today!

Why Outsource Accounting?

You’ve become a master multi-tasker, wearing the many hats that come with running a business. You’re juggling meetings, hiring, spreadsheets, payroll, receipts — the list goes on. When you outsource accounting, companies like Porte Brown have the training and expertise to take a lot of these things off your plate. This allows you to focus on what’s most important: growing your business.

But saving time and resources is only the most obvious reason for partnering with outsourced accounting companies. If you’re searching for someone to help with your accounting, outsource to companies that have experience and skills you can trust. Porte Brown offers a tremendous selection of benefits for firms of all sizes. If you’re looking for dependable accounting firms, outsourcing to Porte Brown is the clear choice. Let us show you why:

Service Level Options:

Porte Brown Elevate365 Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Add-On Services




Standard Dashboard

Standard Dashboard with 2 Custom Metrics

Record Bank & Credit Activity

Reconcile Bank & Credit Card

Month End Close

Financial Statements

Budget vs. Actual Reporting


Cash Flow Management

Departmental Reporting

Project Performance

Audit Preparation & Liaison with Audit Firm

Liaison to Legal Council & Banking Reps

Accounting Technology - Needs Analysis

Clean Up: General Ledger/QuickBooks

Retirement Plan Design & Administration

Payroll Administration

Sales Tax Filing

1099 Reporting

Corporate Tax Filing

Personal Tax Filing

Tax Planning & Projections

Accounts Payable

Spend Management

Process Documentation & Implementation

Meetings Per Month




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3 business people in a meeting reviewing a financial document

Advanced Bookkeeping

  • QuickBooks Online (QBO) Dashboards
  • Cash Basis Monthly Transaction Entry
  • Credit Card Transaction Entry
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Tax Filing
  • Sales Tax Filing
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Billing / Invoicing
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4 people in a business meeting reviewing financial documents

Monthly Accounting

  • QuickBooks Online (QBO) Dashboards
  • Accounts Payable Entry & Bill Payments
  • Accounts Receivable Entry
  • Expense Reporting
  • Journal Entries & General Ledger Maintenance​
  • Fixed Asset & Depreciation Tracking
  • Month End Close
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
  • Job Costing
  • Department / Location / Class Tracking
  • Inventory Reconciliation
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CFO reviewing financial documents

CFO / Controller & Advisory Services

  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Financial Projections
  • Budgeting & Budget Vs. Actual Reporting
  • Customized Dashboard & KPI Development
  • Process & Procedure Documentation & Implementation
  • Internal Control Structuring
  • Audit Preparation & Liaison with Audit Firm
  • Liaison to Legal Council & ​Banking Representatives
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Additional Services:

Why Partner with Porte Brown?

Porte Brown offers tailored outsourced accounting services to help you achieve your goals. Through decades of experience, a love for technology, and hiring only the very best, we can help you slash costs, streamline your finances, and increase your profits.

To learn more about the services and benefits offered by our accounting team, get in touch with Porte Brown today.

Access Unrivaled Expertise

We understand how important it is to feel like you can fully trust your outsourced accountant with your finances. When you’re looking to outsource accounting, firms should offer a breadth of knowledge and expertise that you’re unlikely to find within even your own management team. That’s why Porte Brown employs only highly-trained accountants with long and storied careers in the industry.

The outsourced accounting services you choose should have not just a deep understanding of finance and compliance, but inspiring success stories of financial planning with a variety of clients. Our long history, dedicated team, and proven performance demonstrate our ability to handle all financial functions of your organization. We’re not only accounting gurus — we use our expertise to build customized packages for businesses in all industries. Outsourcing your accounting to Porte Brown lets you tap into more than 75 years of experience and the industry’s best accounting professionals.

Take Advantage of Cost Savings

We don’t need to tell you about the major expenses involved with hiring — not to mention the amount of time and resources spent finding the perfect person. Bringing on an in-house accountant means you’re now responsible for yet another full-time salary, bonuses, health insurance, paid time off, and more.

When you partner with an outsourced accounting company, you gain access to highly-trained professionals and cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost. The experts at Porte Brown help you keep your company compliant, take advantage of tax credits, and keep your books in perfect order. We also take the time to learn your company inside and out so we can build tailored solutions that will help you achieve your accounting goals.

Fine-tune Your Business Strategy

When you invest in outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, you also gain a bird’s eye view of your finances. Porte Brown has spent decades perfecting our processes and building streamlined systems that provide a comprehensive view of your business. No more wondering what went wrong last quarter or pouring over the books again and again. With the latest technology and robust accounting solutions, you’ll be able to quickly analyze key metrics and make informed business decisions.

At Porte Brown, we take a proactive approach to accounting — not reactive. That’s why our accounting outsourcing services provide you with everything you need to not just make smart business decisions, but to understand the financial implications of those decisions. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, and our accounting packages are tailored to support your business objectives. Having accurate and timely access to reports about your finances can completely change how you manage your business. And we’re here to help make that happen.

Plan for the Future with Business Intelligence

We know competition is fierce out there, and that you need a solid strategy for keeping your business ahead of the competition. Strong business intelligence is a major benefit of outsourced finance and accounting and not just because it can prevent costly mistakes. Porte Brown utilizes business intelligence to improve our forecasting tools and help you decide on next steps.

Mapping out your cash flow through intelligent forecasting allows you to strategically plan for the future, whether you’re opening a new location, upgrading your inventory, or bringing in top talent. Get the tools you need to grow your business with Porte Brown's outsourced accounting services.

These are only a few of the reasons you should outsource accounting. Company needs and business goals are unique, so partner with an expert team that will customize your accounting package to fit your needs. Whenever you need accounting, outsource it to our expert accounting department, and we’ll ensure you receive strategic advice on how to manage your financial reporting, state, local or federal taxes, and other accounting tasks according to today’s best practices.

Why Partner with Porte Brown?

Porte Brown offers tailored outsourced accounting services to help you achieve your goals. Through decades of experience, a love for technology, and hiring only the very best, we can help you slash costs, streamline your finances, and increase your profits.

To learn more about the services and benefits offered by our accounting team, get in touch with Porte Brown today.

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online?

While it may seem like the difference between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online is minimal, the truth is that each provides a unique experience and exclusive features. When QuickBooks Online was first released in the early 2000's it was seen as a "light" version of the Desktop version. Since then it has evolved and grown to be just as versatile and robust, and in many cases, it includes features the Desktop version simply doesn't offer.

QB Desktop is still one of the most popular and powerful accounting software programs on the market, but it's Online cousin is quickly becoming the "go-to" software for business owners looking to streamline and automate how they run their company. With that said, QB Online isn't for everyone, so it's important to determine what features are a top priority for your business and decide what exclusive features you need prior to making a purchase decision. Would you like to work from anywhere using your smartphone? Do you want to streamline the collaboration process with your accountant? How many people will need access? Do you need to integrate other cloud-based apps? Do you require ongoing technical support? These are just a few questions highlighting the differences between the two QuickBooks programs, so before you make any decisions, here's a look at some of the key differences:

QuickBooks logo

QuickBooks Desktop:

  • One-time purchase fee (excludes support and feature updates)
  • User Access: Pay per user
  • Download bank transaction automatically - Not included
  • Cloud access (hosting) - Additional fee
  • Desktop/laptop access - No mobile option
  • Company data restoration - Not included
  • Calculate and rebill job costs - Included
  • Calculate discounts by customer - Included
  • Requires a deeper understanding to properly utilize its full functionality compared to the Online version
QuickBooks Online logo

QuickBooks Online:

  • Ongoing subscription / Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • User Access: Up to 25 users included
  • Download bank transactions automatically - Included
  • Cloud access (hosting) - Included
  • Smartphone access via the QB mobile app
  • Company data restoration - Included
  • Calculate and rebill job costs - Not included
  • Calculate discounts by customer - Not included
  • Quick adoption and easy to use. Minimal learning curve when compared to the Desktop version

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