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Transportation companies are the lifeblood of commerce and our economy. However, they increasingly face challenges that are unique to their industry. Figuring out payroll, managing invoices, and filing taxes are just a few general accounting tasks that an owner of a transportation company has to deal with every year. If you're in the business of transport, an accounting firm with expertise in logistics and financial management can be your key to achieving long-term success.

Porte Brown has made a strong commitment to maintaining a thorough knowledge of key transportation business factors and current industry trends, providing comprehensive trucker accounting services that ensure better tax planning and financial management. In addition to traditional accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services, our Transportation Accounting Practice Group has the technical skills and financial expertise to address the specific issues transportation company owners face on a daily basis. We strive to provide our transportation clients with the scope of accounting services and personal attention that fulfills their company’s accounting and business consulting needs for their continued success and growth. When selecting an accountant for a trucking company, finding someone with a proven track record of delivering top-quality service is crucial while identifying ways to enhance efficiency. At Porte Brown, we offer a comprehensive suite of tax preparation and trucker accounting services explicitly tailored to achieve these objectives.

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Services include:

The Importance of Transportation Accounting

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You wouldn’t put your transport vehicles on the road without having the right driving talent and insurance policies in place, right? Many truck companies, rightly so, spare no expense when it comes to safety on the roads. They make sure all vehicles have had periodic maintenance checks and are up-to-date with governmental requirements and regulations.

So why would you take chances on the bookkeeping and accounting side of your transportation business? The reason many transport companies fail to address their trucking accounting needs is because they don’t give it the level of attention that it truly deserves, or, more often than not, they don’t have the time or know-how to deal with it. This is exactly why you need to take a step back and let Porte Brown look after all of your transportation accounting needs with our comprehensive transportation accounting services.

Our experienced staff has been working in trucking company accounting for many years. Transportation accounts are one of our areas of expertise, and each trucking accountant on our team has specialized field experience and has developed strong, long-term relationships with a multitude of trucking and logistics clients. Our accountants for truck drivers are ready to help you with any issues you may have. This includes traditional accounting, business management, financing, business valuations, and retirement planning services.

We understand that the logistic accounting side of your business is not always your top priority. This is why you should leave it to the expert accountants for trucking companies at Porte Brown. This allows you to dedicate more of your precious time to your business, while we make sure you are maximizing your company’s profits and keeping your taxes at a minimum. With the peace of mind in knowing that Porte Brown is handling your trucking accounting needs, you will be free to concentrate on doing your best work elsewhere. Meanwhile, our team of experts at Porte Brown will implement an effective bookkeeping system that’s designed to save you money and ensure you stay in compliance with tax laws.

How Trucking Accounting Can Help You

Entrepreneurs and businesses in the trucking industry need specialized accounting logistics to ensure that their numbers and reporting processes comply with current tax regulations. Engaging the services of an experienced trucking accountant is essential to guarantee that your financial statements and other accounting responsibilities are handled with care, in strict accordance with the law and the most up-to-date best practices in business accounting.

Our range of services are tailored to your business, whether you’re on the road or in the office. Get the support you require with services that meet the challenges of the trucking industry.


Securing favorable terms for funding new fleet additions requires solid financial reporting. Meet the requirements of lenders with assurance services ranging from simple one-page compilations to root and stem audits.

Assurance services for truckers ensure that your firm’s finances are in order and that no errors have been made on any financial reports. Proceed with loan applications and investor consultations with peace of mind with the resources of Porte Brown.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Maintaining a positive cash flow ensures that trucking businesses can continue to pay and manage their expenses, whether they are a small, established firm, or an individual entrepreneur with their own vehicle.

Cash flow forecasting ensures that trucking companies can plan around new additions to their fleets, make additional hires, and manage much-needed maintenance.

Predictive cash flow reports give decision-makers the tools they need to plan for the future success of their businesses.

Business Technology Services

The days of cell phones and email are a thing of the past. Become a business driven by data by adopting state-of-the-art trucking accounting software. Make managing the numbers simple for drivers and office staff with trucking management software that improves productivity, reduces instances of human error, and maximizes profitability.

Porte Brown's business technology services are dedicated to ensuring that trucking companies across the country are equipped with the latest technology to enhance the services they provide.

Get in touch to learn about integrating new accounting and management software into the trucking landscape.

Tax Analysis and Restructuring

Trucking is a low-margin business; every dollar saved on taxes can be reinvested into the business to increase performance. Having the right accountant is essential for analyzing a business’s current tax affairs and devising customized solutions that enable companies to remain compliant with tax regulations while mitigating their liabilities.

One particular area of tax and running a trucking fleet is the issue of zero-rated HST, meaning that trucking companies charge GST/HST at a rate of 0%. Many trucking companies are eligible to recover GST/HST already paid on purchases. Experienced accountants enable fleets to claim back the maximum refund.

Whether an individual driver or an established operation looking to change their approach to tax policy, Porte Brown accountants provide the knowledge and expertise required to save on state and federal tax outgoings.

Succession Planning

Create a roadmap that covers every possibility with succession planning from Porte Brown. Ensure your trucking business continues to perform even if you can no longer run your business.

Intelligent succession planning guarantees that trucking operations are equipped to move with the times and confront any disaster.

Industry Trends

Like many other industries, the world of transportation has seen tremendous growth and technological changes over the years. Some of these changes enhance the experience and day-to-day operations of transport companies, while others create new challenges.

Some of the more critical new developments come from fuel costs and the need to be more environmentally friendly. Managing fuel costs is not an easy task considering it directly impacts the profitability of a transportation company. Strategies such as “fuel hedging” may be employed by some companies, where they buy fuel in bulk at a fixed price. This, at least, means no volatility in prices.

Another challenging factor that transportation and logistics companies face is the maze of government regulations. These can have an impact on issues ranging from health and safety to labor practices and environmental policies. These complicated laws are difficult to get your head around and often cause confusion and costly mistakes for business owners. Having a reputable trucking accounting services company like Porte Brown means you can rest easy in knowing that a professional team has your back.

One positive trend for the industry has been the growth in e-commerce. This has opened up new revenue opportunities throughout the transportation sector. With many consumers buying goods online and more businesses expanding the scope of their operations via the internet, there has been a steady increase in transport demands.

As an experienced trucking accounting company, we keep a constant eye on trends and changes within the industry and offer strategic advice when necessary.

Why Porte Brown?

Porte Brown accountants have been in business for more than 75 years, under the tutelage of our founder Jim Porte. Our accountants work tirelessly to provide high-quality accounting and audit services to trucking outfits nationwide.

From our base in Chicago, Illinois, we understand the need for diversity in accounting for a trucking business. To continually provide the service truckers expect, our team is constantly incorporating state-of-the-art accounting technology into our business and staying abreast of the latest changes to the tax code.

Spend less time counting and more time driving with trucking accountant services that focus on the real challenges faced by the modern trucking industry.

If you are looking for expertise, efficiency, and unmatched knowledge for your logistics accounting needs, then look no further! Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Porte Brown accountant for truck drivers and trucking companies:

  • Profits maximized
  • Taxes minimized
  • Tracking of where your expenditures are (and reducing them when possible)
  • Strategic consulting for all aspects of your business operations
  • Leading-edge technology with the best trucking accounting programs available on the market
  • Peace of mind in knowing that every financial aspect of your business is being monitored

As you are surely aware, accounting for trucking companies has its own unique set of rules and regulations. We bring a unique perspective to your business and help you minimize costs, reduce taxes where possible, and find solutions to complicated financial issues.

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