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What is the difference between a job and a career? A job is generally considered to be a short-term endeavor, often worked out of necessity rather than long-term gain and desire. Generally, jobs require little to no training and provide limited opportunity for upward movement and growth within a company. A career is a chosen lifetime profession requiring devotion and commitment to ongoing education and specialized training. To be successful in a career, long term planning, dedication, and sacrifice of short-term gain must be met with the opportunity to grow and succeed. At Porte Brown LLC we do not provide our employees with jobs, we provide our employees with careers paired with opportunity.

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Finding the right position to start your career can be a difficult proposition. At Porte Brown LLC we want to make your transition from college an easy move by offering continuing education and training support, unparalleled benefits, and growth opportunities that will help your career take off. We support all of our new accountants by assisting them with their CPA training. Whether this is by utilizing academic training programs, such as the Becker CPA program or another training program, Porte Brown’s senior staff will be there to help mentor and effectively coach the newest recruits. As an added benefit, all of our CPA trained accountants receive a bonus for passing the certification test. Porte Brown believes it is vital to reward its employees for a job well done and becoming a central aspect of the firm.

During tax season accountants are expected to put in 54 to 60 hours a week, but outside of tax season 40 hours week is the norm. This allows our employees to recharge their batteries during the off season and enjoy life away from work. Porte Brown also promotes great networking and casual events outside of the normal work hours, such as golf outings, charitable casino nights, our annual tax party, and much more.

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