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Build upon your prior knowledge.

Are you a skilled professional looking to expand on your former experience? Porte Brown offers skilled accountants and other business professionals ample opportunity to build upon their prior training and knowledge. Since it is so important to stay current with the latest in continuing education and training, we offer CPE credits in house and externally, as well as tuition reimbursement. Work life balance is also very important at Porte Brown and great strides are taken to avoid burning out its employees. During a typical week outside of tax season, accountants are only expected to put in a normal 40 hour work week and during tax season only 54 to 60 hours a week. Flexibility is the key to maintaining employee happiness, which is why Porte Brown allows its employees great leeway when it comes to scheduling appointments and other life events that arise from time to time.

Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

At Porte Brown LLC we expect our new employees to be excited about their profession and want to be the best at what they do. An ideal candidate would have an entrepreneur mindset who also likes to collaborate with others. Since 1946 Porte Brown has been investing in top talent within the industry, offering competitive salaries and great benefits. We support a culture of learning and believe that one’s education is never truly complete. While guidance from the partners and senior employees of Porte Brown is always available, especially with our open door policy, our employees have the full support to pursue their own solutions to problems and discover new approaches to challenges.

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