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Porte Brown’s reputation as the “Go To” firm comes from more than 75 years of creating value for our clients and our staff. As one of the fastest growing accounting firms in the Midwest, Porte Brown is always searching for top talent. We try to recruit go-getters who have perfected their particular expertise and who also want a long-term commitment as they move forward with their careers. The ideal candidate would be a hybrid professional who not only knows their skill set but is also extremely personable and works well with clients. We encourage you to apply for an open position with Porte Brown. Please follow the link to see the positions we are looking to fill.

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Experienced Professionals

Porte Brown is always looking for top talent in the industry. Porte Brown is a big believer of the old adage, you are only as good as the company you keep, which is why we are so selective when it comes to hiring new talent. We look for individuals who are independent and entrepreneurial in spirit but also able to work with others seamlessly. We want people who are career-oriented and committed to the long term success of the firm and themselves. Read more »

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Entry Level Careers

Porte Brown provides entry level professionals the tools necessary to develop and grow into seasoned veterans. As a recent graduate it can be hard finding the right position that allows you to be an integral part of the company, offers a good work-life balance, and promotes continuing education to advance your skills. We believe it is important to offer these benefits and much more. Find out what Porte Brown can offer your professional/occupational pursuits. Read more »

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Benefits at Porte Brown!

Porte Brown offers an OUTSTANDING benefits package that enhances the quality of life for our employees and their families. We are always monitoring new and improved benefit packages to not only remain competitive in our industry, but more importantly, to support long-term staff retention and happiness in the careers of our team. Read more »

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If you are interested in a position, please fill out the application form on the next page. Be sure to include the position you are applying for, the number of years of experience you have, your education level, & any certification(s) you hold. Read more »

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