Industries at a Glance

Construction Accounting

To succeed in the construction industry a company must be prepared to deal with the cyclical nature of the business, whether that involves planning for price fluctuations of building materials, handling work stoppages due to severe weather, or tackling rises in labor costs, companies must plan for a multitude of issues to remain viable and profitable.

Porte Brown can help your organization improve efficiencies, provide support and understanding of complex tax and financial reporting requirements, assist with securing adequate financing requirements, and much more. To provide top quality service, Porte Brown’s construction industry team includes six CCIFPs and is highly involved with industry associations, such as CFMA, IRTBA, FWC, and ASA.

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Healthcare Accounting

As the healthcare industry starts to settle from the aftermath of the new healthcare laws, it is a good time to take inventory of the situation and determine the best approach for your organization.

While the ultimate goal is to lead your organization to sustained growth and success, Porte Brown knows there are many paths leading to this result but only one route that fits your needs exactly. No matter what your goals may entail, Porte Brown will be there to provide support and advice for the issues that matter most to you.

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Individuals & Families

Porte Brown takes a very comprehensive and practical approach when it comes to assisting individuals and families prepare their taxes. It involves more than filling out the typical 1040 forms; we like to provide year-round guidance and advice to ensure our clients are prepared well in advance of the return deadlines. We want them to get the most out of their financial resources and lead them to financial security.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Porte Brown is highly active in the manufacturing field. To better serve our clients in this competitive industry, our manufacturing team not only understands the need to develop solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, it is actively involved with industry associations, such as AIM, MSA, and TMA.

To truly be an effective partner for our clients, we have to offer more than just support. This is why we take the time and effort to learn the finer intricacies of the industry and become fully integrated and aware of the issues that influence your business decisions.

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Non Profit Accounting

A Not-for-Profit organization’s number one goal is successfully promote and advance its mission. Porte Brown can help your organization leverage your strengths to achieve this goal, while also providing tax exemption support, so you can remain a healthy and compliant organization.

Our non-profit team provides more than just support for our clients; many of our members hold leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations. This enables us to add invaluable insight and operational experience, in addition to our accounting and auditing services, to strengthen your organization.

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Professional Services

Porte Brown offers more than just accounting services to the professional services industry. We offer critical thinking, years of experience, and a deep understanding of your financial information. We support your business operations by extending advice and expertise, so you are capable of making the right decisions when it matters most to your company.

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Retail & Food Accommodations

The consumer is king in the grocery and food service industry, which is why it is important for businesses to implement accurate and flexible accounting systems that can handle the ebbs and flows of consumer spending.

Porte Brown helps its clients in this crowded industry by focusing on improving efficiencies, offering advice and consultation on projects and operational viability, and providing support for compliance related issues associated with sales and payroll taxes.

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Transportation & Logistics Accounting

Perhaps more than any other business, the transportation industry is always evolving and shifting. Porte Brown helps its transportation clients deal with this constant state of change by providing technical and financial expertise in addition to our traditional accounting services.

Whether your company is dealing with additional government regulations pertaining to fuel efficiency, or it is implementing new technology to increase its productivity, Porte Brown can help your business keep moving.

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