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Choosing the right software to help run your business can be like hiring additional staff, freeing your actual staff up to be more productive and saving you money in the process. The right software, implemented well, will make your processes more efficient and could even help you increase sales. To pick the right software for your business, you need someone with experience in a wide variety of software solutions who will take the time to understand your needs and find the perfect software match for your business. We want to be that someone for you.

Value-Added Software Sales

Buying the right software is only the first step, but if you buy from a traditional reseller it's the last step that they care about. Porte Brown is different. When you buy from us, we are only getting started in our quest to help your business succeed with its software purchase. We know that implementation and training are important next steps when you migrate to a new software package and we'll be there for you during every step of that process. Once we finish getting you set up, we won't leave you high and dry. We'll provide ongoing support should any issues with the software arise.

Software Consulting

Our goal in consulting on your needs is to find the software product that fits them, not the one that best lines our own pockets. When we make a recommendation for a software product, we'll go over point by point the features it has and how they match up to your needs so that you can be assured we have put thought into our recommendation. Listed below are some of the most popular packages that we carry and have expertise in, but it is not a complete list. If you need financial or accounting software of any kind we can help.

Accounting and ERP Software

Most accounting programs have grown beyond simple finance tracking into full-fledged enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. The programs will add tools for sales, marketing, costing, delivery and more to your basic accounting tasks. They are designed to provide one unified solution for all of your key business functions.

  • Acumatica - Companies rely on Acumatica Cloud ERP, the most adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organizations.
  • QuickBooks - This is one of the biggest names in small business accounting software, built for use on your desktop.
  • QuickBooks Online - This cloud-based version of QuickBooks brings a slightly different feature set than its desktop sibling.
  • OSAS - This is a scalable and fully customizable accounting program that features a full range of applications.
  • Sage Intacct - This web-based financial accounting software has a great set of features for small to medium-sized businesses.

Acumatica: Solutions, Tools, System Integrators

Integrated Software Options

Some software is best used, or even exclusively used, as an add-on to other software. This software requires some form of integration with its partner application so that the two can communicate. Once the programs are connected, the add-on program will bring added functionality to the host program. This arrangement allows the add-on program to take full advantage of all the data and functionality that the host program has, allowing you to get the new features for less money and without having to switch software.

  • Avalara - Integrate this sales tax automation software into the accounting software that you currently own.
  • - Integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Online, Premier, and Enterprise, so you can simplify payments and streamline reconciliation.
  • BizNet Software - This tool will let you add cloud reporting and business intelligence to Microsoft Excel.
  • Nexonia - Bring expense reporting and time tracking into Sage Intacct with this tool.
  • Workforce Go! - Manage your workforce through Intacct with the human resources, payroll, and time management functions this add-on brings.

Implementation Experts

Software add-ons work as a host-helper pair. There are other reasons that you may want the various software products that you use to communicate with one another. For example, integrating your ERP with your eCommerce platform would allow you to send sales from your website directly to the software that creates your invoices or assigns a salesperson. In this case, the software components are not hosts and helpers, but partners working together to improve your profits.

At Porte Brown, we are experts in all forms of software implementation. Whether you need add-on tools installed, integration of two compatible but separate programs, or entirely new software installed from the ground up, we have the knowledge to get you up and running fast.

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A complete technology stack is not made up of software alone. You'll need the infrastructure in place to power that software. These means the computers themselves, monitors, scanners, tablets, and other hardware devices that the software needs to do its job most effectively. Choosing the right hardware solutions is important. You don't want to buy something that is insufficient for your needs, but you don't want to outfit an entire IT department with equipment that is more expensive than you need either.  We'll help you decide exactly which hardware you need for your software selections.

Once you've got it up and running, you'll need to keep your new technology secure. Security threats are real, especially when you are using software that will be storing private information about your customers. We can help make sure that your system will be safe from outside threats.

About Porte Brown

Porte Brown's Technology Consulting Group helps its clients make sense of their financial data with the intent of improving efficiencies, identifying hidden opportunities, and establishing a greater understanding of their long-term value. We provide customized support for our clients because our process begins with ascertaining your goals, reviewing your current business environment and recommending the right solution. Our number one priority is to give you the information you want, at your fingertips, so you can make qualified decisions. When you are ready to begin your technological transformation, contact us today.

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