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Attitude is everything.

Accountants in movies tend to be portrayed as quiet introverts who love nothing more than looking at spreadsheets all day and maybe helping the villain with his bookkeeping. If a Porte Brown accountant were cast in a film, the lead hero would need to be recast to a supporting role because a Porte Brown CPA is more than a match for any villain. While Porte Brown accountants cannot jump over buildings or read people’s minds, they do possess a skill that sets them apart from their counterparts at other firms. Each and every Porte Brown accountant is a consultant, specializing in bringing the very best of service to their clients, while also providing insight and guidance.

Our staff is capable of providing such outstanding personalized service because of the independent nature of the firm and its partners. The partners of Porte Brown LLC believe in guiding its employees by allowing them to pursue their projects as they see fit. Hand-holding is not allowed at Porte Brown nor is it needed because of the firm-wide attitude and willingness to handle projects independently and the desire to carve out niche specialties. Since 1946, when Jim Porte founded the firm, employees have been expected to meet clients at their place of business in order to acquire the in-depth company knowledge and understanding of their goals and expectations for the future. Attitude is everything at Porte Brown, and it speaks volumes that the firm is still true to Porte’s original premise of providing personalized service for every customer.

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John Lancaster & Andrea White
Porte Brown golf outing
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Meeting in the conference room
Randy Ellis, CPA, CCIFP
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Porte Brown softball team

A Culture of YES!

YES! Creating a Positive Culture Pays Off

For more than 75 years, Porte Brown LLC has been providing top-notch accounting services and personalized assistance to its clients because of its strong culture of positivity and can-do mentality. The positive energy of Porte Brown is nearly tangible due to its pervasive presence in all aspects of its business. Porte Brown’s culture begins with its hiring process, only hiring recruits who are capable of filling multiple roles and feel comfortable tackling any challenge that comes their way. Since a company’s culture is what makes it run, it is important to build the foundation with people who are not just good employees but good people. Our staff is full of people who love to get out and support charities, events and causes for the betterment of the community.

To be able to successfully provide our clients with the very best quality in service, Porte Brown also embraces a culture of learning. All of our staff is expected to put in extra time outside of work to increase their knowledge within the industry. The positive culture and the willingness to learn are two of the strongest aspects of the Porte Brown culture. Our dedication to these ideals is what sets us apart from other firms and allows us to better serve our clients.

Focused on results.

Since 1946 Porte Brown has been assisting clients at their place of business because there is no better way to understand how a client operates than to jump right in and see for oneself. We prefer to get our hands dirty because it enables us to foresee any problems that may arise and fix them before they get out of control. Our approach might not be the norm, but it enables us to quickly and promptly deliver unbeatable service when so many other companies are moving away from this personal style.

From day one the employees of Porte Brown are given the tools and resources to succeed independently because they will be the ones closest to the issues that matter the most to the client. This is why Porte Brown places so much importance on continuing one’s education and putting in time outside of work to achieve these goals. It allows us to be the go-to resource when clients need help with a variety of issues.

Porte Brown wants to provide more than just a service to its clients, it wants to deliver a service that puts their minds at ease.

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