2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program

The Illinois Department of Revenue recently issued a press release informing taxpayers about the 2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program. Below are the facts that have been published in regards to this program from the Department. Updates to the below facts will be posted as more information becomes available.

What Is the 2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program?

The program provides the opportunity for taxpayers to pay certain outstanding tax liabilities and to have penalties and interest waived for taxes paid in full during the amnesty period.

What Is an Eligible Tax Liability?

An eligible tax liability is a liability that was not reported or paid for tax periods ending after June 30, 2011, and prior to July 1, 2018.

When Is the 2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program?

The Illinois Tax Amnesty Program will be held October 1, 2019, through November 15, 2019.

Eligible tax liabilities and returns must be paid and filed during those dates to qualify for the waiver of penalty and interest.

If you think that you or your company can benefit from this program, please contact a member of your Porte Brown advisory team.

If you have any questions on this, please contact Kelly Switt, Bill Sebastiano, or Ashley Trabaris in our State and Local Tax Department.

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