Checking Your List Twice?

Let's say you've entered a name on a QuickBooks list and now you can't use it on a particular form. What's wrong? QuickBooks allows you to maintain databases for your customers, vendors, employees and "other names." These list entries can be used on various forms and reports. The particular list to which a name is added determines exactly how that name can be used in QuickBooks. For example

3-Ring Binder

The Other Names list is for persons or companies that are not customers, vendors or employees. Think of Other Names as the "lost list."

To locate this list, choose Other Names List from the Lists menu.

QuickBooks - Other Names List

You can change Other Names to Customers, Vendors or Employees simply by clicking Change Other Name Types under the Activities button on the Other Names List. This will allow you to convert and use each name on the appropriate QuickBooks forms and reports. However, changing an Other Name type is irreversible! If you accidentally add a name to the wrong list you will have to inactivate it and add it again to the correct list (changing the name by at least one character).

QuickBooks - Change Name Types

It may be wise to back up your data first before cleaning up your names lists. So, get your names on the right list and you will have access to all of the features of QuickBooks!

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