Company Culture's Connection with the Recruiting Process

Over the last year many employers have modified work arrangements, allowing employees to work from home due to COVID-19-related distancing requirements. Additionally, many employers have adjusted their recruiting process by conducting interviews remotely. Video conferencing provides the next best alternative to in-person interviewing, but many agree that a lot of the personal connection is lost between the monitors. Many companies have found it difficult to fully convey their company culture to candidates during the interview process. As we move further into 2021 and access to vaccines increases, we believe many organizations will adjust course and bring employees back to the workplace and conduct interviews in person. For these reasons business leaders should take this opportunity to really focus on designing or redesigning their recruiting processes to maximize the value of the in-person experience.

In our previous article we discussed the importance of having strong and defined company culture. One of the most essential times to highlight company culture is in the recruiting process. Company culture should not just be verbally communicated during the interview process, but fully illustrated and portrayed in everything from job postings, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, follow-up communication, and on-boarding when it gets to that point. Organization leaders should fully consider the experience they want candidates to have with the organization from the initial job listing to the accepted offer.

The topics that are discussed with candidates at interviews regarding company culture should be established in advance. A clear and consistent message should be agreed upon in order to reinforce specific messages and values. When people think of interview training, they tend to think about everything they are not allowed to say or questions they can’t ask. While it is important, it is equally important that interviewers understand what they should be saying to increase company appeal to the candidates.

Providing a clear message to candidates about company offerings should be done in writing. I have a saying, “if it’s not on paper, it doesn’t exist.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be on paper, but if there is something you do as an organization that makes your company great or separates you from your competition, it should be published somewhere and everywhere. These locations include your company website, intranet, company handbook, recruiting materials, etc. When discussing these topics, interviewers should be able to point out where this information is listed and direct candidates to visit these locations for more detailed information. When a candidate can find details of this information in writing, it will only reinforce the message and clearly show the value it holds to the company.

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