Consider Deploying a Red Team at Your Business

Protecting a company from attack by third parties intent on stealing money, data -- or both -- is a constant challenge. Companies must anticipate where the threat is the most severe and defenses are the weakest and dedicate the appropriate resources there.

"Red team" reviewing documents

However, given the complexity of a company's information technology environment, as well as its physical footprint, it is often a challenge to identify and prioritize which areas in the organization pose the greatest threat.

Understanding how the enemy views your company's infrastructure is critical to deploying a robust defense. Companies of all sizes are asking "red teams" -- a covert team of experienced professionals -- to launch attacks against their infrastructure and report back on the findings. For example, companies that are interested in assessing their network security can engage a team of network intrusion analysts who have experience penetrating corporate and government networks.

Regardless of the exact makeup of the teams deployed, the primary goal of a red team is to find the weaknesses

in your company's IT and/or physical environment. Simply put, if the red team can uncover vulnerabilities, so too can attackers. Before your company deploys a red team to probe its defenses, think about the following elements of the team's responsibilities and feedback process:

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