Deadlines Have a Powerful Marketing Effect

Red Sales Notice - Limited Time Offer

Sometimes, sales slump or fall into a rut. The causes may be economic or seasonal. But putting a deadline on your offers is a sure-fire way to put some pep back into your company's sales.

Whether you're making cold calls, following up with regular customers, writing ad copy, or starting a direct mail campaign, a cut-off date can be motivating.

Many people procrastinate after they decide to buy something. They may be shopping for a better deal, waiting for you to lower prices or just worried about the economy. The longer they delay, the more likely they'll forget or simply not make the purchase.

Avoid this by rewarding customers for acting now. Make them aware that they'll lose the benefit if they put off buying.

But you should link the deadline to a special deal. On their own, deadlines may not work. Here are some ways to connect your deadlines to offers that can't be refused:

Deadlines not only prompt a rise in sales, they also help you wean window shoppers from strong prospects. The key is to pique your customer's interest with a special deal that's linked to a need for action.

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