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We live in a visual world. Science has established that what we see is more enduring than what we hear or read so we're flooded with images of food, cars, drinks, fashion, furnishings and other products and services.

But few images are more powerful than the corporate logo.

Unfortunately, this is a visual sales tool that is often neglected by businesses. There is no better way to establish "brand-name" recognition than to use a skillfully designed logo splashed on everything connected with your business. Whether a logo is a unique rendering of the company name (Coca-Cola), a letter from the name (the golden arches of McDonald's), an appealing image (the Gerber baby) or a simple but dynamic design (Nike's swoosh), it holds the promise of becoming your most valuable business asset.

The marketing power of a skillfully crafted logo has been so clearly recognized among the world's largest corporations that they have paid logo designers as much as $250,000 for one.

That's far too much money for most businesses to pay, but not to worry. A little creativity, a local designer, and a clear understanding of your company's mission can produce results every bit as effective as the most costly effort.

Here are five tips that will help you to develop a powerful logo and get the most for your money:

Remember, the savvy use of a well-designed logo speaks loudly for your company.

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