Economic Nexus Becoming More Prevalent as the Online Landscape Gains Ground

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Economic nexus has been a hot topic as many companies have expanded their business by selling their products online. States have issued new regulations, laws, and informational bulletins regarding the changing landscape of the impacts of economic nexus, especially in regards to sales tax.

Many states have not only enacted or started to create economic nexus for sale/use tax provisions, but they also have reporting requirements for remote sellers with large penalties for failure to comply. Below is a list of some of the states that you should keep on your radar for sales/use tax nexus if you have a large volume of sales into that state if it is not your home state.

Economic sales/use tax nexus is created if you have*:

Over $100,000 in sales or 200 or more separate transactions

Over $250,000 in sales

Over $500,000 in sales

Over $10,000 in sales

Reporting Requirements

*This is assuming that a company has no other nexus with the state.

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