Eight Legal Risks Facing Businesses

Operating in today's business world can sometimes seem like you're navigating a legal minefield. You must be aware of, and comply with, numerous laws and regulations. A misstep can result in expensive and time-consuming legal challenges.

Below are eight legal risks facing businesses, along with some of the related federal laws involved. Keep in mind that many states and localities have additional laws and not all businesses are covered by all of the laws listed below.

For example, some federal employment laws depend on the type of employer, the number of employees the organization has, and the type of claim alleged. Also, each of the various laws may have their own statute of limitations so there are time limits. You need to examine federal and state guidelines for any type of claim in order to protect your business. Consult with your attorney for more information in your situation.

Eight Legal Risks Facing Businesses
8 Legal Risks Facing Businesses

As you can see, businesses face a variety of legal dangers and laws that may change. The eight risks listed above only scratch the surface. You may face complex issues relating to real estate, intellectual property, shareholder agreements, investors, entity formation, environmental regulations, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, the Internet, zoning, insurance, joint ventures and more. Effectively managing the legal risks facing your business can allow you more time to successfully grow your business. Consult with your attorney for more information about minimizing legal risks in your situation.

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