Emailing from Quickbooks Now Involves Fewer Hassles

Email has made our business lives simpler certainly, but emailing out of QuickBooks the last few years hasn't been that easy. Users have been able to send only one attached document per email. And what if you forgot if you had sent an email to a client or prospect out of QuickBooks? There was no "Sent file" to look at to remind you. Until now.

Here's a rundown of some email tips in QuickBooks:

Customizable email templates help make your communications accurate by auto-populating QuickBooks data such as customer and job information, invoice number, amount due and other pertinent information.

QuickBooks Preferences

To access or edit existing email templates or add new ones, select the Company Preferences tab under the Send Forms Preferences.

QuickBooks - Add Email Template

From there, click the Insert Field button to add customer or transaction specific information to the email subject line or message.

Or, send multiple attachments to a single email to your customer, vendor or other business contact. If you have many forms to send, QuickBooks can hold them until you're ready to send them all at once.

To do this, start by selecting the Email Later checkbox at the top of your sales or purchase transaction. When you save the form, it will be available for emailing individually or in batch.

QuickBooks - Print/Email Later options

When you're ready to send the forms, choose File, Send Forms. In the Select Forms to Send window, check the forms listed. If you don't want to send a particular form at this time, click to clear the check mark next to the form. QuickBooks holds unchecked forms to send later. You can also sort the list by clicking any column header.

QuickBooks has a "Sent" Email log. The Sent Email tab gives the user quick access to details about previous emails. A record of who the email was sent to, when it was sent, the subject, the type of transaction, transaction number and amount will be stored in these "Sent" tabs. Keep in mind -- you don't see the actual email that was sent -- just a record that a communication was sent.

QuickBooks - Sent Email List

While many of us complain we get too many emails, these email features in QuickBooks will enable you to send important communications to your customers, vendors and employees.

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