Illinois Sales Tax Holiday Begins August 5, 2022, through August 14, 2022

Beginning August 5 through August 14, 2022, there will be a sales tax holiday. A sales tax holiday is where for a 10-day period consumers can purchase certain clothing and school supply related items at a reduced rate. The states portion of sales tax due throughout the holiday is reduced by 5% from 6.25% to 1.25%. Items include qualifying clothing, footwear with a retailer selling price less than $125 per item. School supplies are not subject to the $125 threshold.

Some of the qualifying items for the reduced sales tax rates includes binders, book bags, calculators, crayons, colored pencils, and scissors. Some specifically excluded items include reference books, computer cases, computer cables, printers, and briefcases. A full list of qualifying and excluded items can be found in information bulletin FY 2022-24.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kelly Switt, Bill Sebastiano, Rachel VonDrasek, Ashley Trabaris, Alisha Vincent or Marie Straka at 847-956-1040.

By: Alisha Vincent

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