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With all of the options and partnerships that Intuit offers with QuickBooks Online (QBO) Payroll, it may be difficult to pick what route is best for you and your company. All QBO payroll plans offer unlimited payroll runs, auto payroll, calculate paycheck and taxes, automated tax and forms, file in all 50 states, manage garnishments and deductions, payroll reports, 1099 E-file & pay, health benefits, state new-hire reporting, product support, 401(k) plans, and error-free filing guarantee.

However, each plan comes at a different cost and ability. Intuit offers 3 subscription levels for QuickBooks Online Payroll:

QuickBooks Online Subscription Levels
QuickBooks Online Subscription Levels

QBO also offers a payroll standalone option. If your company is not currently in QBO and you want to use QBO solely for running payroll, you can. You do not need an accounting subscription. It looks exactly like QBO but only with payroll options. If you have a payroll standalone product and you wish to move your full accounting function to the platform, you can simply upgrade your standalone product to a full QBO subscription.

The main sell of QBO payroll is the seamless transition from day-to-day payroll to your company’s financial reports. You do not need to navigate to different portals or sites given your books and payroll information are all in the same program. All QBO payroll plans are full service and handle the reporting of your payroll returns behind the scenes.

For more information about QuickBooks Online Payroll and to see if it is the right fit for your business, please contact Ross McCormick at 847-956-1040.

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