IRS Warns About New Wave of Phishing Scams

IRS is warning taxpayers about a new kind of phishing emails that target employers. One type of fraudulent emails goes after the payroll direct deposit information. The scammers will impersonate a company employee, often an executive, sending an email to payroll or HR department, asking for a change to employee’s direct deposit info. The banking information provided will be for the scammer’s bank account. Even if the scam is discovered early, it might be a couple of payroll deposits that get stolen that way. The other type of phishing emails involves scammers trying to obtain W-2s in order to file fraudulent tax returns for refunds. A fraudulent email, often impersonating the owner or a manager, is sent to payroll or HR department asking for copies of W-2s. Both of these scams are on the rise, especially around the time of the year when the annual payroll tax forms get filed.

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