IRS Warns of New Email Scams this Summer - Be on the Lookout!

The Internal Revenue Service is seeing an increase this summer in tax scams targeting taxpayers with emails and text messages claiming tax refunds and quick solutions to their tax problems.

While these schemes touch on a variety of topics, many center around promises about a third round of Economic Impact Payments. The message contains an embedded URL link that takes people to phishing websites to steal sensitive taxpayer information, it added.

"The IRS is seeing a wave of these summer scams relentlessly pounding taxpayers," said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. "People are being flooded with these email and text messages, but we want them to avoid getting swept up in these terrible scams."

The agency's warning highlighted the following five topics of the wave of current scams:

The IRS alert also reminded tax professionals to remain vigilant about the danger of fake communications from scammers posing as legitimate organizations in the tax and financial community, including the IRS and state agencies.

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