Need a Loan? Here's an Essential Checklist

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Most small businesses require a cash infusion at some point, for such needs as expansion, working capital or investments.

Getting a large loan involves more than pouring your heart out to a bank officer and hoping the lender will take a risk on you. You need to be prepared to tell the whole story, present a business plan and make the lender believe in the future of your company.

The best plan is to compile a comprehensive proposal. That way, you can shorten the process and bolster the chances of approval. Astute business owners, along with their accountants, have most of this information available since it's part of the daily management of the company.

This checklist includes the items lenders might want to see if you apply for a major loan. (This is a comprehensive list. Depending on your situation, you won't need all the items. Talk with your accountant and lender.)

Why and How Much?

Business History


Business Information

Financial Information

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