QuickBooks Desktop Moving to Subscription Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop for Windows is changing. Effective October 12, 2021, the new versions of QuickBooks will only be available under subscription pricing. Sales of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, one-time purchase versions, will be extended until December 10, 2021. After December 10th, you will not be able to purchase the one-time purchase version. If you are running an older version of QuickBooks, now is the time to consider upgrading to QuickBooks 2021 if you like the one-time purchase option. Support for the 2021 version is expected to continue until May of 2024.

If you do decide to make the move to subscription pricing, you will not notice a change in the user interface, however, you will notice some added features.  

For more information, please contact Anita Camara C.P.A., Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, at 847-956-1040 or via e-mail at acamara@portebrown.com.

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