Saving Documents to QuickBooks

There's the famous scene from the Michael J. Fox movie Back To The Future, where Fox's character Marty McFly is looking at a photograph of his family and the people in the picture are disappearing. Something similar can happen to paper documents. If not stored properly, the ink on the paper will fade (as can the paper itself), thus leaving you with no records at all!

To keep your paper business documents safe and intact, you will want to create a digital copy of them — either as a PDF or a JPG. Once that's completed, you can then start saving them with your QuickBooks company file. With a transaction or list entry displayed, simply click the Attach File button and choose the location of your digital image. Or drag and drop them into the dotted line area.

QuickBooks - Create Invoices

Once something has been attached to a form or list entry, the paperclip image will change to display the number of items attached.

QuickBooks - Attache File button

When you wish to access the attachment(s), click the Attach File button again. The list of attached items will be displayed. To view, double-click on the entry. You can attach images, word documents or Excel files -- really anything that you wish to stay "linked" to that record in QuickBooks. In the event of an audit, you can easily identify supporting documentation. Or you can easily share project plans, drawings or contracts associated with a customer or job.

QuickBooks - Attach File screenshot

NOTE: Be careful not to lose your attachments! If you move your QuickBooks file to another location, be sure to also move the contents of the Attach folder (located in the same folder as your QuickBooks company file). This is where QuickBooks automatically stores all of your attachments.

QuickBooks - Include in Library

Keep all your future business documents from disappearing — and the ones from your past too! Store them safely and easily in QuickBooks. Contact us if you'd like more help.

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