Using Income Tracker in QuickBooks

As a business owner you have at least two goals:

QuickBooks made it easier for you to see the status and dollar value of customer-related transactions with a new tool called Income Tracker.

With one click (choose Income Tracker from the Customers menu), a color-coded ribbon appears at the top of the QuickBooks screen, which displays three statuses -- Unbilled, Unpaid and Paid.

QuickBooks - Income Tracker

You can also drill into the underlying data related to each of the color-coded areas by filtering for a particular customer, type of transaction, status and/or date range.

QuickBooks -filtering

From this window you can even take "batched" actions, such as printing or emailing.

QuickBooks - Batched Actions

See an estimate that needs to be converted to an invoice? Just click on it and select "Convert to Invoice" form the drop-down Action list!

QuickBooks - Convert to Invoice

One note to add, Income tracker is not available when the multicurrency feature is in use.

Let us know if you'd like some help with this QuickBooks tool.

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