Will the Real Sales Price Please Stand Up!

In QuickBooks®, you can create price levels, assign them to individual customers and then use them on sales forms to adjust the sales price of an item. When you sell an item and attach a price level, the amount of that item is automatically adjusted to reflect the predefined rate increase or decrease. Per Item price levels can be used to set custom prices for individual items.

To activate the price level feature, edit the Sales & Customers preferences:

QuickBooks - Preferences

To access and create new price levels, choose Price Level List from the Lists menu:

QuickBooks - Price Level List

Then assign price levels to customers and jobs in the Payment Settings tab of the customer record:

QuickBooks - Payment Settings

Whenever you choose that customer or job on a sales form, the associated price level is automatically used to calculate the item's sales price. By clicking the down arrow next to the price, you can review all available price levels and, if desired, manually override the default customer price level.

QuickBooks - Create Invoices

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