QuickBooks -- Have it YOUR Way!

Whether you are creating a new company file or you are working in a file that's been around for a while, you can set up the QuickBooks® program to perform all the functions you require. In QuickBooks, Preferences allow users to activate/deactivate program features and customize how these features will work. Some of the features that can be customized include:


  • Account numbers
  • Class tracking
  • Closing date/Password


  • Due Date
  • Automatically use discounts and credits


  • Display and View options


  • Default accounts
  • Check voucher details
  • Autofill payee account number in check memo

Desktop View:

  • Features to show on Homepage
  • Desktop options
  • Color scheme
  • Windows settings

Finance Charge:

  • Interest rate
  • Minimum finance charge
  • Grace period


  • Data entry tools and defaults
  • Time/date format
  • Automatic recall for transactions

Integrated Applications:

  • Application access and notification

Items & Inventory:

  • Activate Inventory and purchase orders
  • Unit of Measure

Jobs & Estimates:

  • Job status
  • Estimates
  • Progress Invoicing


  • Turn on multiple currencies
  • Select Home currency


  • Credit Card
  • eCheck and Paper Check processing options
  • Applying customer payments

Payroll & Employees:

  • Payroll service selection
  • Employee list sorting
  • Employee defaults
  • Paystub & voucher printing
  • Payroll entry and job costing


  • List view
  • Reminder timing

Reports & Graphs:

  • Refresh options
  • Cash/Accrual basis
  • Aging
  • Statement of cash flows setup

Sales & Customers:

  • Default shipping method
  • Price levels
  • Packing slip templates
  • Sales orders

Sales Tax:

  • Feature Activation
  • Default tax code and item
  • Cash/Accrual liability
  • Payment frequency


  • Iconbar access
  • Default data to search
  • Automatic update

Send Forms:

  • Default email message text per form

Service Connection:

  • Connection settings
  • Authentication
  • Auto downloading


  • Feature activation
  • Spell check options

Tax / 1099:

  • Feature activation
  • Default accounts
  • Threshold limits

Time Tracking:

  • Feature activation
  • Default work week
  • Markup %
  • Reimbursed expense options

To access these preferences, simply choose Preferences from the Edit menu.

QuickBooks Preferences

All options listed on the Company Preferences tab can only be accessed/changed by the QuickBooks Administrator. Each user can customize any preference located on the My Preferences tab.

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