S Corporations on the IRS Hot List – Be Mindful of These Issues

IRS is targeting S corporations and other entities that have made an S corporation election ("S-Entities"), according to a recent issue of The Kiplinger Tax Letter. The IRS suspects that compliance in certain areas is lacking and is ramping up S-Entity audits. The hot list of targeted S-Entity issues includes:

  • Failing to legally document shareholder and owner loans to the company with written promissory notes and other evidence of indebtedness
  • Not properly reporting gains on distributions of appreciated property to owners
  • Neglecting to document owner compensation with employment agreements
  • The IRS is aware of low wage compensation and high S-distribution schemes to avoid FICA and other payroll deductions
  • S-Entities previously converted from C corporation (having accumulated earnings and profits) to S-Entity status, not properly reporting distributions as being taxable as dividends
  • Cash or property distributions by S-Entities to owners in excess of stock basis not being properly reported
  • S-Entities that were previously C corporations failing to properly report S-Entity built-in gains taxes  
  • The S-Entity built-in gains tax is a 21% tax paid on the gains from sales of assets owned before a C to S conversion where such assets are sold within five years after the conversion
  • Owners of S-Entities can deduct losses only up to the sum of (a) their Entities stock basis and (b) loans to the S-Entity that they properly make and document to the S-Entity
  • Many owners do not properly track the correct stock basis causing tax problems

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