Keep Top Talent on Board

Offer more and reap the rewards. In today's competitive marketplace, you probably want employees who have more than education and experience. Most likely, you're also looking for people with creativity, attitude, personality and goals.

Just make sure you have the type of workplace where ambitious, high-energy staff members can thrive. Here are seven smart workplace characteristics that can keep top employees satisfied:

Retain Employees With a Family-Friendly Workplace

One key to employee retention is to create an environment that's tailored to your staff members' family and personal situations. This enables them to strike the proper balance between life and work.

When you espouse family-friendly policies, your business is on its way to becoming a "company of choice"-- a preferred destination for employees, customers and investors.

These benefits don't have to cost a fortune. Some perks can be provided only as needs arise, such as "flex" time, job sharing, or play space for employees' children who lack adequate day care for a day or so. Here are four more suggestions:

Employees need support to stay happy, efficient and motivated. By helping to provide that, you'll end up with lower turnover and higher profits.

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