On the Road Again! Track Vehicle Mileage in QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks® to track your vehicle mileage, you can enter, sort and print lists of your vehicles and the mileage you've driven for work-related tasks.  You can then use this information for your tax deductions and for billing your customers.

To track mileage for a vehicle, you must first add it to the Vehicle List. From the Lists menu, choose Customer & Vendor Profile Lists. Choose Vehicle List. Click the Vehicle button and choose New.

QuickBooks - Add new vehicle

Then create vehicle mileage entries based on your business-related travel. From the Company menu, choose Enter Vehicle Mileage.

QuickBooks - vehicle mileage entry

If you plan to bill your customers for mileage, the Item tells QuickBooks what rate to charge the customer and which account to use to track the income. Be sure to take advantage of the latest IRS deduction rates for your business vehicles by keeping your mileage rates up-to-date. QuickBooks calculates the appropriate mileage expense based on the dates and rates you enter in the Mileage Rates window. Check regularly with the IRS for the latest rates and enter each date and rate change as it becomes effective. To access the Mileage Rates window, click the Mileage Rates button at the top of the Enter Vehicle Mileage window.

QuickBooks- Mileage Rates

Reports on Vehicle Mileage

There are four reports to help you review your mileage records. To access Mileage Reports, choose Jobs, Time & Mileage from the Reports menu. Then select the desired mileage report.

When you are ready to invoice a customer for mileage, simply click the Add Time/Costs button on the customer's invoice. Then click the Mileage tab and select the desired mileage entries. You can even customize how mileage information is brought into QuickBooks invoices. Simply click the Options button and make your selection.

Contact our office if you have any questions about using QuickBooks for tracking mileage costs. We'd be glad to help!

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