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You can have QuickBooks remind you when it's time to pay bills, print forms such as invoices and checks, deposit money into the bank, enter memorized transactions, act on overdue invoices or complete a personal to-do note. You can also jot down important dates and information about the work you are performing using notepads. QuickBooks Alerts display important messages about QuickBooks or your business that ultimately appear in your Reminders list.


Each reminder you set up in QuickBooks appears on the Reminders list. You can display the Reminders list at any time by choosing Reminders from the Company menu or by opening the Home Page.

QuickBooks - Reminders

The Reminders also post important alerts and messages about any QuickBooks business services that need your attention. For example, you might receive an alert that there is an update to QuickBooks that you need to download. You can decide when and how QuickBooks is to display the Reminders list by setting preferences.

QuickBooks - Preferences

You can even setup a Reminder for Memorized Transactions.

Schedule Memorized Transaction

To-Do Notes

Remind yourself of tasks you want to complete by a certain date. You can look at your notes in the To Do list at any time, or you can use the Reminders list to see the notes whose dates have come due.

QuickBooks - To Do List

To create a new To-Do entry, choose To Do List from the Company menu. Click the To Do button and select the type of task, priority level, related customer, vendor or employee (if desired), the due date and notes. The To Do entry will also appear in your Reminders List.

QuickBooks - Add To Do

When a task is completed, simply double-click the To Do list entry and change the Status to Done.


Alerts display the latest information about new features, updates, tax deadlines and more. To view alerts, select Alerts Manager from the Company Menu.

QuickBooks - Alert Manager

To get additional information about an alert, click the icon to the right of the alert message. To take action on an alert, simply click the alert message. Some alerts will initiate an Internet connection and provide information via an Internet website.


The Notepad in each of the name lists can be used to keep miscellaneous notes about a specific customer, job, vendor, employee or other name.

QuickBooks - Job Information

To add or view notes, click on the desired name in the list. Click the Manage Notes button and make your notepad entry. You can use the Date Stamp button to quickly record dates on the notepad. In addition, you can easily add a To Do Note to your reminders list.

Use these tools in QuickBooks and get your business tasks organized! We can assist you with this or any other QuickBooks need.

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