Porte Brown Staff Members Interviewed by Elk Grove Business Journal - Is Your Business COVID-Ready?

Umbrella protecting business from COVID-19

Porte Brown's Adam Hoffman, Director of Talent Management, and Mark Gallegos, Senior Tax Manager, recently sat down with Melanie Kalmar from the Elk Grove Business Journal to discuss how Porte Brown and its clients have been dealing with the coronavirus as well as to share strategies on how best to tackle the unique business challenges stemming from COVID-19. 

How To Prepare For The Unknown

By MELANIE KALMAR, Elk Grove Business Journal

Coronavirus has blurred the lines between our personal and professional lives. Dining rooms have become satellite offices and bedrooms, virtual classrooms. Suddenly, the new normal has given leaders in human resources issues to problem-solve beyond payroll and benefits: managing remote workers, planning a safe return-to-work strategy, establishing and maintaining social distancing protocols and staying aware of the mental health and well-being of employees.

It’s far from the typical to-do list. Fortunately, the experts at Porte Brown LLC, an accounting and consulting firm in Elk Grove Village, share strategies that work for them and the advice they offer clients.

“A lot of employees are struggling with balancing personal life and work life,” said Adam Hoffman, director of Talent Management at Porte Brown. “It’s really important to give them the opportunity to be flexible in their work, as much as possible and to... Read More

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