Movin' On: Keep Employees Well Informed

A company move is always difficult. There's packing and unpacking -- and all the while, your staff probably has to carry on with business as usual. Even worse, the more stressful a move is, the more expensive it is in terms of lost time and productivity.

Desk with office supplies in a cardboard box

That's why it's important to properly prepare your staff when you move to a new location. By involving employees in the transition process, you go a long way toward making the move less stressful.

Here Are Three Quick Tips:

  1. Take field trips. If your staff is small enough, take groups of employees to the new site so they have an idea of where they'll be located. You can do these in groups of five or six employees at a time so there's an opportunity for them to ask questions and get a feel for what the new place will be like.
  2. Pictures say a lot. As renovations are done to the property, post pictures of the project on the company intranet and on bulletin boards around the office so that employees can keep track of progress. If the facility has yet to be built, post an architectural rendering instead.
  3. Start a countdown. As the project nears completion, give employees a firm idea of when the move is going to take place. Send e-mails each week to let them know that moving day is coming. Let them know about any delays. This helps employees prepare mentally, physically and professionally for the move. They can begin packing, sorting, finishing up projects and contacting clients in advance.

When a company communicates with its employees about a new location, they are more apt to feel like they are part of the plans -- and less likely to be resentful and feel the move is an imposition.

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