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History of Porte Brown Evanston

The accounting industry is constantly evolving and changing due to the passage of new laws and regulations. The firms within the industry also live a very transitional existence. Many firms only last as long as their original founders, while others grow and evolve to become something altogether new and different. The merger of two accounting firms can lead to a new era of success and prosperity for both sides. While one firm may lose their name, their soul and philosophy live on with the employees who stay on with their new employer.

In 1962 Paul Brown started what would one day become Brown Kaplan + Liss LLP (BKL). Brown founded his firm with the belief that it would offer unparalleled service for its clients. He believed the most important part of what they do is being a trusted advisor for the people they serve. Building a relationship and providing sound advice is the best way to ensure mutual long term success for both sides.

Fast forward to December 2014, BKL is now part of Porte Brown LLC. With the new merger Porte Brown gained an extra office in the Chicagoland area with the addition of the BKL office in Evanston, Illinois. Managing Partner of Porte Brown, Bruce Jones, described it as “a perfect fit” due to the similar philosophies of client service. Jones went on to say, “We are very excited about the new opportunities to work together with the talented team of Brown Kaplan + Liss.”

Downtown Evanston
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Downtown Evanston

New Opportunities

Community involvement is a big part of what Porte Brown does in the communities it resides, and our Evanston location is no different. Our staff believes it is not only important to give back to the community but essential. Even before Porte Brown and BKL merged, the employees of BKL were involved with the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA and YWCA, the Rotary Club, Turning Point, and Connections for the Homeless just to name a few, and this will only increase with Porte Brown.

Creating relationships within the community is the best way for Porte Brown to assist the clients who live and work in the area. Partner-in-Charge of the Evanston office, Jeff Smiejek, stated that, “Porte Brown is going to be ramping up the events and sponsorships we attend, so our clients know we are dedicated to the area of Evanston. While some mergers may create a vacuum within the community, Porte Brown not only wants maintain our presence but build upon the already stellar community involvement of the former BKL employees.”

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