Back up, Back up, Back up!

Relying on your computer's hard drive as your single storage location for your QuickBooks® files and other information is a BIGmistake. Taking just a few minutes out of your day could actually save you hours of work and thousands of dollars.

CD being inserted into a computer

Backups should be made on a daily basis or at the end of each QuickBooks® session. Rotating your backup media destination will increase the chances for successfully retrieving a file, should the need arise. In the event of a fire, it is wise to keep one set of backup files off-site at all times.

Backing up your QuickBooks company files is fast and easy.

To Back Up:

  1. From the File menu, choose Create Backup.
  2. Choose Local backup, and click the Options button.
  3. Click Browse and choose the desired location for the backup file. Make sure to use another medium (CD, flash drive or external hard drive) to back up -- somewhere other than your computer's hard drive. Otherwise, if your computer crashes, you could lose your data file, as well as your backup!
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Finish
QuickBooks - Create Backup

QuickBooks - Backup Options

If you choose to back up on your local hard drive, you will be given a message encouraging you to back up on a removable drive.

QuickBooks - Change Location Option

In QuickBooks, you can also schedule backups of your data on local media:

QuickBooks - Schedule future backups

To initiate a new Scheduled Backup, use the instructions above by choosing either Save it now and schedule future backups or Only schedule future backups. Click the Next button and fill in the details of the desired backup and click Finish.

QuickBooks - Backup Options

For sending files to accountants through email, consider using the Portable File feature in QuickBooks. Creating a Portable File creates an even smaller backup of the QuickBooks data than the regular backup process. This, however, is not recommended for safeguarding your data for restoring purposes. To create a Portable File, choose Create Copy from the File menu and then choose Portable Copy. Select a location for saving the file and finish the procedure.

QuickBooks - Save Copy or Backup

Another Backup Option: Try QuickBooks Online Backup. With this service, your files are compressed, encrypted and securely transferred across the Internet and stored at mirrored off-site data centers managed by IT experts. Files can be individually or automatically selected for backup with a click of the mouse. Simply schedule the days and times for your backups to occur, and you'll never have to remember to back up again! You can securely download backup files at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. To access this service, choose the Online backup option from the File/Create Backup option instead of the Local backup procedure discussed above. Then choose Online Backup and click Next.

QuickBooks - Create Backup

The online signup window will appear. Simply follow the instructions and get started. If you have an active Full Service Plan with a QuickBooks Enterprise version, QuickBooks Online Backup and other benefits are included at no additional charge.

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