Get Paid Faster by Accepting Credit Cards

Customers can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express to pay over the phone, by mail, in-person or online with the Online Billing feature in QuickBooks®. Online Billing is only available with a QuickBooks merchant account. Application approval and Internet access is required.

To use the QuickBooks Merchant Account Service, you must first apply online. Once the account is approved and set up, you can enter and process your customers' credit card payments right in QuickBooks. Or you can use a card swipe, which gives you a reduced fee rate.

To enter a customer credit card payment with a QuickBooks Merchant Account, enter the customer payment information on the Payment Settings tab of the customer record.

QuickBooks - Edit Customer

When entering a customer payment, this information will automatically be displayed.

QuickBooks - Customer Payment

To process the credit card payment, be sure to check the "Process credit card payment when saving" checkbox in the Receive Payments or Sales Receipt window and click "Save." To complete the transaction, finish entering the customer's payment information in the Process Credit Card Payment window that appears. The information you enter in this window will be used to complete the address or security code verification and process the payment.

QuickBooks - Processed Payment Receipt

A Processed Payment Receipt window will be displayed when the transaction is successfully completed.

If a customer's online payment has been received by email, simply click the Get Online Payments button in the Receive Payments window, or go to the Customers menu, choose Credit Card Processing Activities and then click Get Online Payments. The Online Payments Received report appears when all payments have been recorded. It lists the date, customer, and amount for each payment. If you need to adjust a payment, double-click its entry in the report.

Of course, if you prefer, you can use a non-QuickBooks merchant account that you've established with a financial institution. With this option, you will have to enter the payment into QuickBooks manually, just as you would enter other forms of customer payment (i.e. check or cash).

Remember, the faster you get paid, the less time you have to spend on collections and the more time you will have to spend increasing your sales!

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