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QuickBooks® products have proven to be comprehensive accounting tools used in just about every industry. However, managing information unique to certain industries often presents unique challenges to QuickBooks users. Industry-specific software is often utilized to accomplish complex accounting and/or management tasks. Intuit recognized the need for particular information to be entered into other software, Web or mobile apps and ultimately synchronized with QuickBooks. Intuit's Software Development Kit (SDK) was created in response to that need. The SDK is a combination of reference materials and coding tools specifically designed for QuickBooks.

As the number of Web and mobile apps increased, Intuit introduced the QuickBooks API (Application Programming Interface). This API is a set of coding components and Web services that enable an app to securely connect to your QuickBooks data. For a small business, this means that with a single click you can connect to QuickBooks from a QuickBooks API-enabled app, sign in with your Intuit Account and instantly have QuickBooks data available to you. In addition, QuickBooks API apps are listed on the Intuit App Center -- where small business owners can find, try, buy and use apps that work with their QuickBooks data. Visit

In QuickBooks, the user is able to control and manage the third party software that is allowed to integrate with the QuickBooks company file (choose Preferences from the Edit menu and select Integrated Applications).

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